How to get free Google play gift cards?

Google play store is an amazing source on the web, where you can download numerous apps, music, melodies and recreations which are either paid or free. Typically paid apps are more imperative with considerably more components and potential outcomes.

In this article, you will get some important information on how to get free google play store gift cards and gift codes online.

There are many people who haven’t used Google play gift card yet but they know that these gift cards help them in purchasing things from Google Play store such as books, movies, music etc.

When you get sufficient amount of credits in your gift cards, you can use them to buy apps or to unlock the premium uses of a particular app. You can also use these gift cards as gifts for family and friends on various occasions.

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Unlike other gift cards or gift certificates, Google play Codes never expires which means, you can save them for the future use when you want to buy an expensive app or games. You can buy gift cards from various online websites but it requires you to pay with your credit card.

How to redeem your Google play codes?

One of the toughest parts of Google gift card is how to redeem your Gift card balance:

1. Just login to your Google play account by going to Google play store website.

2. On the search bar, you can search for a premium app or game that you desire to buy.

3. Simply click on the “Buy” button and hit continue.

4. Once you are on the payment methods page, you can easily select the Google play gift card balance to pay for the app or the game you need.