International Marketing Intelligence and Planning For Small Businesses

Worldwide marketing occurs when a vendor or small business with a product to market directs its services towards prospective consumers in a different country other than the country it resides. Typically this is done when the product the business wants to sell is thought to have more of an expected demand in overseas markets. Marketing internationally requires a massive commitment, thus the seller of the item must be ready to make this commitment. This requires far more real efforts than throwing money at a new exporting enterprise, even if the seller has the financing for this. The seller should establish an international presence. This involves not only thorough understanding of the country that is chosen, but rather closes contacts with people familiar in this field.

The obstacles

While the principles of procurement market intelligence is usually the same worldwide, the overseas environment the vendor is targeting can be radically diverse from country to country and even region to region. Frequent foreign marketing concerns include:

  • Advertising
  • Input prices
  • Cost
  • Distribution
  • The environment or it is stability

These variables are likely to differ in countries the vendor chooses to market its own product. The key to getting over these hurdles whether a huge corporation or a small entrepreneurial venture will be to coordinate and manage an efficient strategy.

The options

The seller can expand globally merely by establishing their own manufacturing base in the particular country they aim. Though this is normally the choice for large businesses, this is hardly ever an option for smaller business ventures since this usually requires enormous quantities of capital. The seller may also explore global markets through export earnings. This may be accomplished by either direct or indirect export via a joint business arrangement, whereby the vendor creates a partnership with either foreign or domestic intermediaries already found and established in the nation. Business consultants, who specialize in this area, can also give priceless expertise and advice in these strategies.

  • Connect the vendor with local intermediaries they could expect and rely on.
  • Obtain advice on pricing, prospective clients, advertising, input prices and distribution.
  • Assist in contract negotiation.
  • Develop the most perfect sales and marketing strategies for each specific market.
  • Help set up the vendor’s exportation enterprise quicker and better.

Professional analysts point out that large multinational corporations can afford to take important hits on poor market plan and preparation, the sort of hits that typically wipe out smaller businesses. Therefore, for smaller businesses and vendors, market research becomes a vital part, and this is not just achieved by what you know, but who you know. Your comprehensive marketing package will encourage you through most property challenges and listing opportunities. Design it well and fine tune it to your market. The business will be yours for the taking.