Odors Removed by Ozone Generators

Odors come to us in all shapes and forms. They seem to come from many surfaces and areas of our homes and vehicles, so how do you get rid of them? It can be a difficult to find specific areas where odors are coming from, but there’s always a source.

Bacteria grow in small nooks and crannies, causing the odors to get more intense the longer they grow. Getting rid of it can be a pain, but there are multiple ways that you can accomplish this. One way is an ozone generator.

Damage Control 911 lets us know that ozone is dangerous to breathe in, but it is one of the most effective ways to get rid of odor. Because ozone is composed of highly reactive oxygen molecules, it will destroy bacteria relatively quickly. Since odors come from bacteria, these smells will be gone in a matter of a few hours.

Running an ozone generator for about three to six hours for a room will be your best result. Also, thirty minutes to two hours for a car is also the optimum time if you’re getting rid of odors there. Keeping your home and car clean are the best ways to prevent odors, but sometimes, you need a little help. Ozone generators are one of your best options.