5 Web Design Tips That Work

Web design can be frustrating and confusing. While you can research your competitors' sites to see what attracts you and turns you off, there is still the question of what is ACCURATE. If you have never designed a site before, this knowledge most likely does not come naturally. These five tips will help point you in the right direction as you design and build your website.
1. Give your customers a reason to visit your page.
As a web designer (see scottheron.co.uk/web-design-edinburgh for additional information) this in turn means a variety of things, please allow me to demonstrate further.  Make your content relevant and compelling, something that they can use and want to read. If you have nothing but fluff on your site, visitors will click right off without a second thought. Your visitors are asking, “What's in this for ME.†Answer that question with the stuff they want and need.
2. Keep it simple.
It may be tempting to add all the bells and whistles to your website, making it a flashing, blinking, animated sideshow. In reality, going this route with your web design spells a veritable disaster for your customers. First, it will likely take forever to load but if you don't lose them there, all the antics will distract them and they may never get to the meat of your site – where you want them to go.
3. Make it visitor friendly.
Your webpage is absolutely useless if your visitors can't find their way around it. Make it easy to navigate with meaningful information and a simple navigation panel. You also don't want to make them to click through too many links. That is a quick way to lose good customers.
4. Provide navigation links on EVERY PAGE.
Make sure that every page on your website has a “way out.†In other words, if a visitor is on one page and wants to go back to the home page, make certain that there is a link there. If not, he or she is likely to just close the page and look elsewhere for what they need.
5. Make it easy to read.
Don't use odd colored backgrounds with difficult to read fonts or font colors. Make your site as easy to read as it is easy to use.  Web design is about being creative, but it is also about providing the visitor with what they need in as accessible a manner as possible.