Perth Skip Bin Service: The Answer to Your Domestic Waste Problems

Waste is a part of our everyday life in metropolitan Perth. Research conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency shows that the average person dumps almost 4 pounds of waste every single day.

The Western Australian Government has predicted that Perth annually will produce over 6 million tons of waste. Old clothes, wood chips, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, metals, papers, garden trimmings and much more. Piles of rubbish can attract rats and fleas that make people sick.

The Waste Authority was established seven years ago promoting waste management strategy for Western Australia, especially Perth. Bin Loading Service offers a wide range of budget skip bins in various sizes and capacities to accommodate different requirements.

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Perth and its surrounding area have been reported to have critical landfill issues, especially in the metropolitan area. Waste infrastructure facilities were built to provide a more effective waste management solution.

Social waste management and environmental awareness are also promoted to the home occupants and business owners in Perth to engage them in recycling behaviors.

Waste such as papers can be recycled many times, plastic is processed into different forms and glass is crushed and melted into new products.

Even so, after we have recycled our waste, it often surprises us how much waste we produce on a daily bases. This situation also happens when we clean out our house or warehouse from unwanted products, scraps & junks that have stockpiled over the years. We find ourselves having more waste then what we could contain in our bin & garbage disposal.