Why SMS marketing can be better than Email marketing

With the importance of mobile phones in one's life is at its peak, mobiles have become the best way to run a business and promote them as well. Goodnight SMS is a very effective and efficient means of communicating.

SMS marketing though older is still as effective if not more. While a typical person checks Emails once or twice a day, messages are checked every hour or as and when they come. A single vibration prompts a person to unlock their phone. Studies show that 90% of the SMS's are opened, that too many of them within the first 5 seconds as compared to only around 20% of emails being opened. People tend to just delete the emails without opening them. While for mobiles the whole or at least most of the message can be seen in the notification itself thus successfully conveying the required.

SMS marketing is fast and flexible and can be done in no time at all with the simply required resources, also messages can be targeted to the required audience and are cheap while having a high Return On Investment (ROI). The short messages enable to focus on just what one wants to convey. All of these factors combined make SMS marketing a more efficient and just a better option than Email marketing.