Great Tips How to Develop Creativity

In your opinion, what is creativity? What do you imagine when you hear the word? A painter, a composer, or maybe an actor? Does it have anything to do with your studies of, say, biology or geometry? Actually, it does. No matter what you are doing, you can do it creatively. The principle applies both to your optional acting class and to your science studies. In this article, we’ll try to understand what creativity is and what you can do to develop your creativity.

Creativity is obviously difficult to define, and scientists do not really help here. One of the popular definitions of creativity is that it is the ability to connect unrelated things.

In your studies, creativity is very important. Let’s take a simple example. Imagine that your philosophy professor asks you to write a paper on some philosophy-related issue. To get a good grade for the paper, it is not enough to simply summarize the thoughts of other authors; you also have to show some ideas of your own. Besides, if you want to distinguish yourself in something, you have to be creative.

So, when is creativity especially necessary? Actually, there are a few tasks when creativity is a must:

  • when you have to create something new;
  • when you have to come up with an idea;
  • when you have to find a solution to a problem (happens with math assignments);
  • with subjects that involve dancing, drawing, painting, or music-making;
  • when you have to write something creative (by the way, with writing, always check you texts for plagiarism with one of the plagiarism checker or essay checker services — this way you will be sure that your writing is free from plagiarism).

Then, the next question is, what are the most common approaches to practicing creativity?

One of the most popular one is mnemonics. It is a method of remembering things by association. You have probably already heard about it many times, so we will not bother you with it. There are different mnemonics methods, one of which is method of Loci (you can find it on Wikipedia if you like).

What can you do to become more creative? Here are some tips:

  • Practice art! Paint, draw, or make sculptures, whatever you like. It will benefit your creativity.
  • Play word games. There are numerous apps with word games online, you can download one of those.
  • Start writing your own blog or journal.
  • Write music.
  • Do physical exercises.
  • When you have to do something creative, set a deadline. According to different studies, time constraints foster creativity.
  • Build something.
  • Find your own way of being creative!