What is the 3 week diet system?

The 3 week diet system put forward by Brian Flatt offers a 3 week diet plan to shed up to 23 pounds in 21 days. It seems pretty interesting but what is it all about?

Well, the 3 week diet system focuses on low carbohydrate and low calories diet, healthy food recommendations, accompanied with exercises and intermittent fasting to reduce weight faster within 3 weeks. It also aims at high energy levels and a faster metabolism.

It comprises of 3 different phases, all of which recommend low carb foods that are nutritionally beneficial for you, like broccoli, almonds, nuts, and eggs etc. All food recommendations are quite common that you could buy at your local grocery store. The workout sessions are brief (20 minutes a day) but effective.

The 3 week diet comes with a money-back guarantee and according to Brian Flatt, it is based on scientific knowledge. Basically, it introduces such foods in your diet that are healthier and contain high protein (to burn fats effectively) and fiber, but fewer carbohydrates and fats to make you stay fit.

While the 3 week diet system may seem unpleasant to start off with, due to hunger pangs and a very restrictive diet, motivational dieters can always weigh themselves on the scales; see their improvement and go on, to lose weight faster.