Audio Transcription: Get Your Audio Files Transcribed Easily

Audio transcription, as the name goes, is transcribing or converting a file in the audio format to the text format. Audios are conducted by people of various industrial sectors for varied reasons, say an author or a student conducts interview for research purpose and it is not feasible for them to remember or note down all the essential details when the interview is happening as it may delay the process. In such scenarios, interviewers rely on an audio device to record their conversation and get it transcribed in text, this way they can easily pull the essential information required for their study. Likewise, insurance companies also conducts interview to get the statements of claimant and witness. This is the same with the people belonging to media houses, oral historians, private detectors, and market research companies for their focus group interviews.

Majority of these interviewers seek assistance of transcriptionists for getting the audio transcription done because transcribing the audio requires ample of time, and they may have other aspects of the interview to deal with. Some believe that quality work can be only delivered by native English speaking transcriptionists while others feel comfortable with outsourcing to other non-English speaking countries. Whichever be their choice the purpose remains same, i.e. audio transcription.

Transcription service providers take their employees through a rigorous training to ensure that only quality output is delivered. Unlike other type of transcriptions, transcribing an audio requires more attention to details as multiple persons are involved in the conversation and chances of cross talks are high. Voice recognition software is also used for the purpose but it still requires human effort to rightly decipher words in the audio.

Every company follows different set of principles for transcription but all of them work on one objective, i.e. provide their clients with an optimal text output. They work mainly on the instruction from the client on how the audio to be transcribed, say whether to just include only the meaning content or to include to every single word uttered. Also, they are well equipped to accept audio files in almost all formats and deliver the text in the format required by their client. Prices are set based on various aspects, like the number of people, turnaround time, and duration of the audio. There are transcription companies that charge per minute. So, with all these said factors, getting an audio transcription done is more of a tedious task.