All About Boating Safety

We get it. It’s your first family boating trip, and although you’re eager to get out onto the water, you really don’t know what to expect. We’ve all been there, even veteran houseboaters were newcomers at one time, so don’t exert it, we are here to help.

Get Geared Up For Safety


Safety is our #1 priority at our marinas because we know it’s your top preference as well. Hey, we’re all here to have fun, and our marina staff is always having a great time when they’re out on the harbor. We know that having fun is on your list too but your safety is serious business as well, so that’s why we stock your houseboat with all the required equipment in case an emergency arises. 

First Aid: You can never have too much.


Houseboat rentals come furnish with first aid kits, but it doesn't mean you should rely only on them!

Consider bringing your own first aid kit, after all, you know your customer the best and can plan for what they might need in case a medical emergency arises.You can also know about Sydney Boat Licence Course by browsing online.

We Spell “Fun” S.A.F.E. 


You’re out on the water to have fun, so just use common sense and keep an eye out for all your guests while you’re out on your holiday. Make sure to bring a camera, extra swimsuits and of course your party pants because you’re going to need them. Check out our Houseboating 101 sections and our other blogs for even more tips, and share you own if you’ve got them, we’d love to hear from you.