Unforgettable Experience with Kawasan Falls and Osmeña Peak

Time after time, the province of Cebu had proven itself to be one of the best tourist destination in the country and the tourist sector recognizes the place to be an international travel hub as well. Cebu has the best remaining natural landforms and it is internationally renowned to scenic and marvelous. Due to that fact, foreign and non-local tourists are coming in the province with the idea that they only have about the place. Because of the consistent increase in tourist visits in the province, local tourist guides are deployed in specific areas wherein there are noted numerous guests staying in the area.

Kawasan falls and Osmeña peak activity or adventure is the most common itinerary usually listed in every tourist staying in the place. The perfect activity wherein trekking, canyoneering and some waterfall adventure are incorporated in to one. A delightful experience that every tourist will not be expecting. And since there are usual visits in both areas, locals safe-guarding the designated places made sure that all the guests are secured without compromising the fun that they will be going through. Tourists will be informed as well to participate in keeping the areas clean and unharmed since they will be benefiting of it.

Casa Gorodo in CEBU

Situated in a quiet residential area in the middle of Cebu city, is portal into the past. This national historical landmark is called Casa Gorordo. It was home to four generations of the Gorordos, before the house was acquired and renovated by the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, and opened to the public in 1983. 

Natural materials of shell, wood, and stone that are abundant in the Philippines were utilized to build the house in the 1850’s. The lower floor walls are built of Mactan coral stone that can withstand typhoons, and serve as a firewall. Wooden pegs hold together the Philippine hardwood material that make up the upper floor. Translucent Capiz shells fitted together create an interesting pattern on the sliding window panels. As with most Spanish colonial structures in the Philippines, the Gorordo Museum is an architectural masterpiece – an evolution of design made for strength and beauty. 

Traditional celebrations of the Gorordos continue to be observed in the Gorordo Museum . On these holy days, the family’s priceless antiques are showcased. One of the of the most popular is the ‘Belen sa Casa Gorordo’. It is a collection of 19th century figurines that tell the story of the birth of Christ.

To view Casa Gorordo and celebrate with its tradition is absolutely a surreal experience, and worth the trip. The Museum is located at No.35 Lopez Jaena, Cebu City, and open on Tuesdays to Sundays from 9 p.m.to 5 p.m. For more information call Casa Gorordo at (032) 255 5645.