Commercial Real Estate Brokers – What’s Your Purpose in the Property Business?

Leasing and selling commercial investment property may be achieved in two distinct ways from an individual viewpoint. The method you choose will largely impact the results you receive over the long run and your ability to create the success you need. You can explore Commercial Real Estate broker via

Commercial Real Estate Brokers - What's Your Purpose in the Property Business?

In simple terms you can do either of the following on your career in commercial real estate:

1. Your prospect, listing, sell and rent commercial property so you can get more income and become more successful, or

2. You’re able to give an outstanding level of specialized knowledge and support to those people who will need to sell, rent, buy, or build the commercial property. You market from an inner core or purpose to actually help your clients.

As the great Jim Rohn has said, 'Your career and occupation ought to be centered on the amount of enhanced value you can bring to the customer. When you bring more personal value, the business and your success will follow'.

I couldn't agree more. In the commercial real estate industry nearly all salespeople just serve the customer with very little specialty or excellence. Whilst they think they're doing an excellent job, the truth is they're not much better than the broker or agent up the street. Generality breeds poor performance.

When they have nothing special to offer, the customer will normally base their choice of the broker on those with lower commissions or smaller or no marketing costs; totally the wrong option and for all the wrong reasons.