Back with a bang!


Look at your daily makeup routine. There is going to be a new addition to the products very soon which will change the way you feel that me later. Mineral makeup is not making the rounds amongst all the makeup gurus for nothing! Yes there is a whole lot of science involved to it for which we will give you a sneak peek.

The list of benefits minerals offer

Hiding and covering up those fine lines by piling up foundation is not the way to go. Mineral makeup with mica will help reflect the light and give a glow and healthy look to your skin.

Sure, using sunscreen under makeup is a good option to protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays which cause patchiness and dark spots but what if sunscreen could be used over makeup too to be doubly sure? Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide loose compact powder can be used over the makeup as it is known to act as an effective sunscreen. One can time and again use this powder with a brush or sponge to reapply if you are planning on spending your lunch outdoors with friends.

Protect your sensitive skin

The problem of sensitive skin, acne prone or oily skin is far too common. Mineral makeup is all natural and organic at the same time does not use any preservatives, fragrances, wax and keeps it all simple.

Since simplicity is better, skin responds much better to such products without breaking it out and causing rashes or any peeling.