Party Balloons for a Graduation Party

Don’t forget to get a lot of party balloons for the big graduation party! Balloons are fun! Balloons are crazy! Balloons are wild! There is a wide variety of graduation party balloons available, so let your imagination wild!

Foil Balloons: Foil balloons are shiny and come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. They can be a great addition to your overall decorating plan for the big graduation party. Foil Balloons can be the focal point of a terrific balloon bouquet for the graduation party, or they can be used to create a fabulous graduation centerpiece for the serving table.

Latex Balloons: Latex balloons can be an important part of your decorating scheme for the graduation party. You can get latex party balloons in just about any color to complement your overall party theme. You can get plain latex balloons with a message that fits that theme of your graduation party. Buy an assortment of latex balloons and add a couple of foil balloons and some curling ribbon and you will have a fantastic balloon bouquet.

Balloon Weights: Once you have selected the appropriate balloons for your party, you can either tie them to various pieces of furniture in the room, or you can get some of these neat balloon weights to hold the balloons in place. These balloon weights come in a variety of styles that are appropriate to the occasion. And, as an added feature, once you’re finished using them as balloon weights, your and/or the graduate can use these as photo holders.

Foil Balloon Bouquet: If you don’t have time to put together a balloon bouquet, then here’s one that will fill the bill. This bouquet of party balloons includes one super shape foil balloon, two 18-inch foil message balloons, two solid color balloons as well as attached ribbons and a balloon weight. All you’ll have to do is fill the balloons with helium and you’ll be ready to go.