Food Wars! A Second Review

In this article, I will continue to discuss my review of the manga Food Wars! 

Our main character has entered the cooking school that any chefs would be dreaming about. Obviously, there would be battles from the get-go that can truly test him. Fighting head to head with Erina Nakiri, the young lady with the Divine Tongue in the opening exams showed him that his time in this school is intriguing. Just the thing that the author in the Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Manga did!

The first volume is your essential introduction: the cast of characters, the topics and thoughts we should be expecting, the general tone and temperament, and obviously the style of art we'll be seeing. This volume makes a strong point in showing the people into the story and paints a fairly intriguing  ordinary shonen manga. The main drawback with the first book is that the story doesn't get going all that rapidly. You do get the opportunity to see where things will go, and that is about it. 

In the following two volumes, however, things truly take off. 

The second volume is still fundamentally in the setup field, however, gives a greater taste of what's in store when the cook show-offs and difficulties are presented, which is quite a pleasant change of pace. It is in contrast with the standard fight/activity mangas I've read before, where the adversaries are attempting to improve a dish, rather than the general story line. 

The third volume is the point at which the manga moves into its first enormous circular segment, where the characters must enter the Cooking Camp and face their first genuine test. The manga truly keeps on developing from here, including more characters, ideas, and some somewhat amazing turns to the blend that make up an agreeable read. I can't say much, yet if you still have your doubts about following this manga, this volume ought to make your mind up. 

We think that this manga is no less interesting than the Akatsuki no yona manga, and you should definitely give it a try.