How Cultural Tours Are Done For Their Consumers

Americans and lots of other people all over the world often want to visit the most exotic places on earth. And there is none more exotic than nations that are found in the Himalayas. There spaces and climate are mountainous, their flora and fauna rare, and their people often have some great and unique values that could be shared by many.

A certain Buddhist country that seems to stand on one of the most isolated spots on earth is getting the attention of tourists and visitors. This has necessitated the making of complete Bhutan cultural tours which are group visits that are made to this landlocked country on the highest and biggest mountain range on earth. This is a land of legends, of Yeti footprints and Buddhist values.

The most interesting thing about the Land of the Thunder Dragon is a toss up between its beautiful countryside, its people and its national stories. This was a place visited by the Buddha and many reminders about his legendary travels here are found in each Bhutanese home. The monks and monasteries practice a Buddhist style found nowhere else.

The people of this country are earth and among the friendliest on earth. Many lead nomadic lifestyles in search of firewood. Wood is still the main source of fuel for this country, and this means a really low carbon footprint, and this is something quite amazing in a world that considers cities that are shrouded in pollution signs of progress.

It was a matter of history and the preference of people to retain all that they have in terms of customs and traditions. The Bhutanese though are no strangers to progress, and the cultural tour is a thing they appreciate as a vehicle for cultural exchange. The groups that do these could be classes of students or persons who come from all walks of life.

A lot of them could be really interested in the country and this part of the Himalayan region. Despite some on and off border disputes with China, it still maintains a proud and dignified happiness that is found nowhere else. It is also the first and only place that puts national happiness above the gross domestic product.

The national government and legislature created the law that makes everyone practice happiness as a national value. This is so unique that folks all over the world have begun to take note of how this could be something they really need in their countries. While so many nations try getting all the creature comforts from technology and science the Bhutanese, without much of these, are happier.

The right to happiness is of course a value in America, but this kind of happiness is often material nowadays. The country remains locked in a philosophical battle that pits now marginalized spiritual sectors against a grossly material entertainment industry. Genuine happiness is not something that Americans talk about too much.

Compared to the Bhutanese, other peoples are a sadder lot, no matter how rich or having so much to have in life. But income is not something the people in this nation lack, since there are lots of natural resources present here. But agriculture remains the basic thing but this has improved through the years relevant to a unique agricultural system here.