Why Do Students Struggle in Geometry?

Some students have problems in mathematics usually. They find it hard to understand the materials in most mathematics courses. Though, more students appear to struggle in Geometry than in any other arithmetic course. The reason is because Geometry is basically different from most other mathematics courses.

Geometry is very complex from Algebra I and Algebra II. For example, Geometry often demands students to imagine general things. Students that are not visual learners, hence, have problems understanding some Geometry concepts. It is much easier for most students to visualize a line than to visualize a polyhedron.

Another reason why students often strive in Geometry is because Algebra classes often do not focus as much on proofs and reasoning as much as Geometry courses do. In many schools, students are first introduced to the ideas of axioms and postulates in Geometry courses. You can go for  Geometry Regents Prep and Geometry Lessons for High School Geometry to Caddell Prep through online sources.

Often, Geometry is taught in only one year while Algebra is taught in two years. Therefore, Geometry classes often have to teach many various topics in a short time period.

One solution to helping students better understand Geometry is to mix Geometry and Algebra courses. This would allow students to be able to both have more time to think about Geometric concepts as well as to learn some helpful Algebraic Geometry techniques.

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