Tips For Playing Flute

Flutes are considered to produce relaxing and calming music. This instrument comes under the classification of woodwind instruments. The mouth piece is used to produce sound and the player needs to form an “O” shape of lips to make the desired sound. Below are tips that you should consider while playing the flute:

Courtesy: YouTube

  • If a player wants to play the flute music with low notes, it is advisable not to tighten the lips. When playing higher notes, the lips of the player should be tighter. It is also advisable to move your mouth piece when playing high notes.
  • The placement of fingers also plays an important role in playing the flute. When playing high notes, make sure that you properly cover keys and blow more forcefully.
  • It is advisable to stand up while practicing flute and keep your face in the direction of your feet. Keep hip and knees at 45 degrees to the right. Now twist your upper body towards the music stand. This position will help you in preventing fatigue in arms and shoulders. It also helps in playing the flute more easily.
  • It is advisable to move the head joint of the flute inward as it will help you in producing a sharper sound. If you pull the head joint outward, the sound will become flat. It is preferable to find the exact spot where the sound is perfect and mark it with a pen for future reference.
  • It is advisable to warm up your flute especially if it is made of metal by blowing air into it. Always check the tuning of your flute before performing. 

These are some of the tips that you should keep in mind while playing a flute.