How To Master The Basic Lawn Care with Gardena Battery Grass Shears?

Standard grass care techniques will ensure your lawn stays healthy and balanced and also beautiful. As well as utilizing these very easy rules will certainly mean much less work in the long term.


Cutting, or mowing, your grass effectively is vital to the health of your turf. The most significant error people make is reducing the grass as well short, practically to the factor of scalping, normally since they assume they would not need to suffice as often. The opposite is true: it will grow much faster the shorter it is reduced. Worse, it triggers the soil to dehydrate, weeds to sprout faster (no tall lawn blades to impede their growth) and low cuts deplete the chlorophyll available-which indicates the yard will not expand intensely.

Trim your dry yard equally to a height of 3, twice a week in the spring and just once weekly throughout the summer season and autumn. Trim in both vertical as well as straight patterns to get an even cut, keeps the mower blades sharp and also bag excess lawn trimmings. You must allow some cuttings to continue to be because they include nutrients back to the soil, yet do not leave a huge pile of cuttings anywhere on the grass; it will kill the turf.

Gardena Battery Grass Shears


There is usually some complication concerning the terms cutting, trimming and shearing. Typically speaking, cutting entails a light touch, such as trimming the yard with the blades in the highest placement. Pruning typically describes careful cuts made to blossoms and also bushes, normally in an initiative to make them grow quicker or to keep them creating blooms throughout the period. Shearing is more in the category of eliminating unsightly and unwieldy vegetative development. You can make use of a weed whacker to access high weeds beyond the borders of your cut lawn, or you can use lawn shears to manually do the job. gardena akku grasschere are naturally your only choice if you wish to round off tall, scraggly bushes or weeds that are intertwined with flowers-a weed whacker in that situation would certainly ruin the flowers together with the weeds. Hedge trimming is a form of shearing, however hedge leaner’s are normally a lot sturdier as well as have longer blades than yard shears.

Whether you choose to keep your grass neat by utilizing manual or power tools, be sure to maintain the tool blades sharp, as well as store all tools correctly. Rain as well as snow can spoil tiny device engines and also rust hand devices, so keep yard and also yard tools stored out of the weather.