Reason for Air Conditioners Leak Water

An air conditioners main job is to remove moisture from the area to give us a sense of comfort. In this process they produce a good deal of water.  How much, is dependent upon humidity from the atmosphere, size of the air conditioner, its operating efficiency, and if it was correctly installed. Water removed from the atmosphere during surgery falls down the cooling coil And drops to the base. From here it follows passages or channels into the back of air conditioner. Some of the water is raised up by the fan blade and used to cool the heating oil, though most proceeds to the back.AIR CONDITIONER

  1. Improperly installed.

A window air conditioner has to be marginally lower in the rear than the front. This permits the water being removed from the room to drain into the rear of the machine. A difference of one inch is adequate. This is always the first thing to check. Many are installed in the hurry to get relief from the heat. If installed too low in the front the water will flow in the room rather than outside

    1. Icing up.

Water being de-humidified can turn to ice if there are issues with the cooling system. There are various reasons for an air conditioner to create ice. Remove front grille while machine is functioning. If ice is present on the heating coil you will most likely need service. To learn more see our other article: Why window Air Conditioners Ice up.

  1. Air leakage around air conditioner.

If warm air can enter the air conditioner it will encounter cooler, dryer air. If they meet condensation will occur. To test, operate machine for thirty minutes and then use flashlight to test under front edge of the base. Small water droplets here indicate an air leakage issue. Add foam insulation to prevent warm air from infiltrating.

  1. Drain hole blocked.

Back of air conditioner base has a drain hole or groove to allow water to escape. If becomes blocked water may back up. To test, operate machine for thirty minutes and then inspect if draining correctly and see here for further clarification. If seems blocked use a little piece of timber to open empty hole at back of metal foundation.

  1. Internal drains blocked.

There are little passageways that allow water to drain out of front of atmosphere conditioner to the back. If it occurs the air conditioner will require removal from servicing and window.

  1. outside temperature too cold.

This happens at end of cooling season if this problem suspected turn off machine before bedtime and restart as day warms. Alternately, operate machine at night with selector switch in fan only position. This will circulate atmosphere during night but not let cooling.