Instructions to Manually Clone A WordPress Blog Without A Plug-in

Suppose you’re moving web host or you are setting up a precise of your WordPress blog for another person and you need to clone or duplicate your WordPress blog to another area. How would you do it in the event that you do not have a module?  The appropriate response is use phpMyAdmin to dump your database, download all the records, transfer them back to the new website, arrangement WordPress, arrangement a database, import the database, and alter your setup document. This is what you need to do when you’re cloning or replicating a WordPress blog. Physically back it up and physically reestablish it.

WordPress Blog

What does a WordPress blog really comprise of?

 It comprises of records and a database. What you do is go into your cPanel’s phpMyAdmin region. In the event that you go into your, you will have the option to discover a connect to phpMyAdmin. When you’re there, discover the database where WordPress is put away and there ought to be a tab that says Fare. What you can do is click on Fare and afterward this will spare a .sql record containing your site’s database.  A simple method to try and find a workable pace to introduce a module in WordPress called phpMyAdmin. It can run as module and you can even now find a good pace database just on the off chance that your webhost does not have a cPanel zone.

You download that .sql document yet that contains only the database and that is it. You need the records too, so associate with your website utilizing FTP and download all the documents in that blogs organizer. Truly, the config document, the WP-content organizer, WP-incorporates – each one of those records and envelopes, you ought to download them right currently utilizing FTP. It may take some time however hang tight for everything to wrap up.  Presently you have physically supported up your WordPress blog and it is a great opportunity to head off to some place new and reestablish it. FTP up to your new site and what you ought to do first is arrangement another WordPress establishment here. What we need to do is go into the cPanel of your new web have, arrangement a WordPress database client, and award that client authorizations to that database.

In cPanel, there is a connection for a mySQL arrangement wizard that will direct you through this procedure. How to make money with a wordpress blog? It will ask, What is the new database name? Just call it blog. What is the new username? Call it blog. What is the new secret key? Make a secret key and record it. Presently you have another WordPress database that will store your records.  What you need to do with then will be then return to phpMyAdmin in you cPanel and transfer this .sql document. This will reestablish only the database yet not the records yet. What you will at that point need to do is FTP up those documents that you had downloaded. Presently you are setting up your documents just as your database.